Dr. Kenneth B. Clark conducting the Doll Test, Harlem, New York (Gordon Parks, 1947)


House of Indulgence, Lavar Munroe, 2012

This performance occurred during the opening reception exhibiting my installation ‘House of Indulgence.’ Based on the notion of over indulgence, I took on the role of a coke addict in a state of hallucination. This piece was made in reference to childhood experiences of having to pass crack-houses occupied by crack users on my street on a daily basis. In becoming that person, I got the experience of helplessness and my audience became voyeurs, as they peered and in many ways ignored a self destructive person in an otherworldly, desperate and vulnerable state of being. My intention was to have this piece serve as a critique on the role of humanity in reference to individuals, like the drug addict, who was in dyer need of help well before having to turn to drugs. Society ignored him then and ignores him even more in his state of despiration.


Got @nasnyc in LA (Taken with Instagram)


Gold! Andy Murray beats Roger Federer in straight sets to avenge his Wimbledon defeat against the world No 1 and win the Olympic gold medal
Well done too to Louis Smith and Max Whitlock who take silver and bronze in the men’s gymnastics pommel horse final


impossible project 8x10 ii.  
after having put my foot in my blog and prematurely blown my pod i am now delighted to officially reveal some of the test shots i did with THE IMPOSSIBLE PROJECT’S  remarkable new 8x10 film. 


Track-by-Track Breakdown of the Snoop Lion Album ‘Reincarnated’
See what reggae’s newest star has in store.

snoop dont do it…


Watching the Olympics? Do the Wave with Prince William & Kate!

Hip-hop albulms we need to listen to.......


Undeniable joy - The king of Afrobeats………


The words are truly and deeply expressed which gives the reader understanding of the style and technique that separates nas from his pairs, you need to read this to get the memo……..ENJOY.